African grocery store black owned family

We are African Delights Store, a family-owned and operated supplier of African products since 2016.

African grocery store ethical sourcing

African Delights Store is bridging the gap in access to African food and products in the United States and the diaspora through reliable ecommerce, ethical sourcing, and African community building in the Philadelphia area.

Our story began when I moved from my home of Ghana to begin a new life in the United States with my wife. My first time living outside of Africa, the culture shock hit me everywhere, including the dinner plate. I missed the taste of my auntie’s smooth fufu on a Sunday, the thick scent of pepper soup at the chop bar, and the satisfying plantain chips and groundnuts readily available from roadside hawkers during morning traffic.

As I settled into our new life, I realized that many Africans and diasporans didn’t have easy access to the products and ingredients we love from the homeland. At the same time, I knew of many African business owners, artisans, and creators who would love to connect with new customers in the diaspora.  

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My dream became to source and supply those nutritious foods and wholesome household products from African businesses to diasporans and others. My wife watched as I filled our garage with boxes of yams, palm oil, and other African products to sell at markets in the local area, and just like that, African Delights Store was born.

Years later, we work as partners to operate a warehouse in Collingdale, PA and supply over 300 African products to customers in all 50 US states, Canada, and 15 other countries.

African grocery store black owned family

We are proud to serve you, whether you are an African looking to experience the flavors of home, a Black diasporan connecting with your roots, or anyone else looking to experience the delightful flavors of Africa. 

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This business is my wildest dream. Growing up as an orphan in a village home in Tema, Ghana, finding a consistent source of food and care products was always a struggle. Like the Wawa Aba - seed of the wawa tree, known for its hardness, resiliency, and perseverance, I never gave up. We uphold these same values in our business today, guided by the depiction of the Ghanaian Adinkra symbol of the Wawa Aba in our store's logo, reminding us to achieve our vision through constant hard work and perseverance.

Join us on this journey!

Our Founders

African grocery store black owned family