Summer Barbecue Essentials

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Heinz Baked BeansHeinz Baked Beans
Save $4.49
Spicy Ripe Plantain Chips 400gSpicy Ripe Plantain Chips 400g
Nkatie Burger Peanuts Snack - Pack of 12Nkatie Burger Peanuts Snack - Pack of 12
Julie's Special Shito 16 ozJulie's Special Shito 16 oz
Save $6
Julies's Special Shito 32 ozJulies's Special Shito 32 oz
Save $3
Heinz Baked Beans 200gHeinz Baked Beans 200g
Save $5
Heinz Salad Cream 425gHeinz Salad Cream 425g
Save $3
Africa's Finest Original Chin ChinAfrica's Finest Original Chin Chin
Save $6
Energy Milo DrinkEnergy Milo Drink
BB Cocktail Fruit DrinkBB Cocktail Fruit Drink
Save $4
Spicy Ripe Plantain Chips 150gSpicy Ripe Plantain Chips 150g
Save $2
Heinz Salad Cream 285gHeinz Salad Cream 285g
Save $3
Africa's Finest Crunchy Roasted PeanutsAfrica's Finest Crunchy Roasted Peanuts
Capital City Mambo SauceCapital City Mambo Sauce
Save $0.20
Nkatie Burger PeanutsNkatie Burger Peanuts
JMK Suya SpiceJMK Suya Spice
Save $1
Schweppes Soda DrinkSchweppes Soda Drink
Save $5
African Best Crispy Roasted PeanutsAfrican Best Crispy Roasted Peanuts
Save $3
Ethan's Ginger Drink - PineappleEthan's Ginger Drink - Pineapple
Bama Mayonnaise 32 FL OzBama Mayonnaise 32 FL Oz
Ethan's Ginger Drink - SorrelEthan's Ginger Drink - Sorrel

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